What we do

We will perform for your church or ministry
on a "love offering" basis...

This is where our hearts are really most "at home"...
all the rest is "tent making" to us, and if you don't get that reference you might not be comfortable here.  We recommend you consult with the apostle Paul to learn what that means, which brings us to the center of our ministerial intent:
to get everyone interested in the Bible, believer or not.

As we travel, we make ourselves available, when time and circumstances permit, to play for churches and outreach ministries on a “love offering” basis.
There is a minimum of “preaching.”
"The McKinneys entertain as they minister, and minister as they entertain, mixing comedic numbers that make spiritual points with unique original songs which are very direct and evangelistic.  They also present some fresh treatments of old favorites.
But their trademark is comedy.
Their insights are enlightening, 
their perspective thought-provoking, 
and their purpose is The Gospel.
With the voice of someone who has experienced the world, they promote the Kingdom and its long-awaited unity in these challenging times. 
There is repeated stress on the importance of knowing and living Scripture.             (Click here for testimony)

You’ll hear a variety of traditional instrumentsguitarmandolinflutebodhranukulele—and some "homemade" music on the washtub bass & rhythm washboard that will surprise you!
You’ll hear sound effects, and
the whole audience gets in on the fun from time to time, clapping, singing, or shouting things out to contribute to the hilarity.
Invite friends and neighbors who might never enter a church, ordinarily, but have a sense of humor.  
Folks of all ages will hear, and think about, the basics of the gospel, and have a great time.  It’s joyful and a little noisy."

(After the proceedings, 
everyone is invited to try the washtub bass!)
we perform for churches and ministries
on a love-offering basis.

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