Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our new face

For those precious (and you are, to us!) few following us, some explanation...

We're seriously trying to shift our focus to gospel performing and ministry;
ergo, the new look and arrangement.  We'll continue to share out little essays and perspectives, but have had to forsake the cutesy name for the practicality of making our professional persona easier to locate online.

For the secular market, we're still The Washtub Two, offering a wide range of entertainment and wackiness--all still G-rated, of course; but, for churches and ministries, we're just Whitt & Judy.

We believe this will save believers from having to sort through all our general-audiences stuff, so they can get straight to the heart of our gospel focus.

We hope this will make the choice clearer, while allowing us a platform to share about spiritual topics in which we're interested with greater freedom and frankness, directed to believers in particular.

We hope you'll "stay tuned"!