Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Is DNA User code?

...and what does that mean for "genetic engineering"?

The "science" segment of a major network's evening newscast described
a new experiment in genetics--just a plan, at this point--which may result in
certain children having three biological parents.

The basic idea is to provide in vitro fertilization for a woman with healthy nuclei,
but weak mitochondria, by having her nucleus implanted in the egg of a woman
with healthy mitochondria.

Anyway, that got me thinking about the actual genetic engineering that is going on,
all the time.

Everyone wants bigger, bug-proof crops and cures for diseases--it's almost like the whole planet's cursed with death and disease!  We have to do something.
Well, we've been looking for the key to this whole suffering and mortality problem
for thousands of years, and we've found it!

We have discovered a simple four-letter code that controls all life,
and we're scurrying day and night fiddling with it. It's so complex, we've hardly figured out the corner of it, but we're using it to modify lifeforms.
It is the most elegant thing in the Universe, this obviously artistic, obviously designed
detail-by-detail planning and operating system for every living thing.

Hey!  We're in!  Now we can do as we please!
Transform ourselves to the next level of humanity!   We shall be as gods.

Now, I don't care if you think it's "the universal consciousness" or "alien terrafarming,"   
whoever it is, they're smarter than you.

What if they come back, expecting something of us, and they find out
you've hacked in and are already fooling with their finely tuned, highly sensitive system.
I hope they're "evolved enough" not to be upset.

Just sayin'.

He is coming back.  Try to look innocent.

Okay, here's your treat-- 
Remember being taught about the "simple cell"?
Here's a peek at what Harvard's medical school knows about what's going on in there.