Prager U...absolutely the best source for clear, concise explanations of an enormous range of important topics for conservatives & believers! Subscribe on YouTube: Prager U videos

John Barnett, DTBM...a lifetime of service in the mission field & deep study of the Word has made this gentleman an accomplished scholar & expositor.  His YouTube channel is a treasure trove of topical teachings & in-depth bible studies...Subscribe on YouTube: DTBM

Chuck Missler...with a background in engineering and information sciences, this is one of our favorite expository teachers.  You'll find him, and other excellent teachers, at Koinonia House...

The Veritas Forum...intelligent apologetics, debate, expository teaching...

Wesley Huff Infographics...fascinating, clear infographics for a variety of topics, particularly illuminating regarding Christianity & the Church... 

The Babylon Bee...An excellent SATIRE site for the funny side of current events! 

Tim Hawkins is our favorite because he also does funny excellent musician and comic! 

T. Bubba Bechtol is a guy I just relate to.  This is a profile edited together for the site where he can be booked.  Bookings are what keep wholesome entertainment alive.  Please remember that.

World Magazine editorial cartoons...on-point satire from a believing perspective... 

Disrn News & Adam Ford's newsletter...Concise, accurate news from a conservative Christian POV. 

Five in Ten...Derek Gilbert quickly reveals the Biblical truth behind the news, especially the news you didn't see from the MainSewer Mediacrats. 

Not The Bee...News you'd expect to be satire (like the Babylon Bee) but is actually real... 

World Israel News...Concise news from Israel on the entire range of current event topics as Israel interacts with the world & pursues its own excellence. 

News Target...a decidedly right wing look at headline news & some they missed...

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