Thursday, June 5, 2014

Hidden cash

The man giving away money this time calls it a "social experiment."

He hides an envelope with a random amount of cash and posts clues to the location online.  Then he enjoys the results, no doubt, as folks descend on an area frantically searching, hoping to be the winner/recipient of any amount of wonderful cash.

I am reminded of a book popular in the 60s called "The Magic Christian," by Terry Southern.  An extremely wealthy man sets up elaborate projects and campaigns to show what people are willing to do for money, often leaving a mess and  problems in the wake of the degrading display.  (Maybe you saw the mediocre film version with Ringo Starr.)

I am also reminded of a story my father told me about his time in Shanghai before the Second World War.

He told of an old gunnery sergeant he said was "a pig" who would entertain himself while on liberty in town by going to one of the city's many open-hearth eating establishments.  There he would place a shovel in the fire with a roll of pennies broken into it.  An American penny would literally buy a day's worth of food as ruinous hyperinflation had hurled the entire nation into a catastrophic financial collapse.  Once the pennies were glowing, our hero would strew them into the street and laugh uproariously as the starving burned themselves to get the precious coins.

Newscasters gush about "paying it forward" and "random acts of kindness" as the desperate and even some greedy scramble for what they perceive as a little help.

For every person beaming and blessed, how many disappointments have risen from false hope?  How many just wasted time they already had precious little of because the glimmer of hope was so needed?  How many more "philanthropists" and "benefactors" are out there, wanting to play this newest game for the rich?  What does it really do, or help, or change?

Sure, I would also like to find some money; but I'm not jumping into this "experiment" any sooner than I'd become a drug trial participant for money. There are just some things a rat won't do.

But, I've always had a problem with the "random acts of kindness" thing.

I get that anonymous giving is more of a blessing;
but, I prefer it to at least be purposeful, not random.

We know that giving in the flesh can sow to the Spirit.  We are even allowed to do so, at times, expecting a harvest--some sort of fruit.
What is the cash cache guy sowing, and what will his "experiment" reap?

Here's a social experiment I propose:

There's an ancient book with the answers to all of life's problems in it.
Let's hide copies everywhere, and then post clues to how to find it!
Think of the good we could do, the changed lives, the hope arising from it!
We could even put copies in motel nightstand drawers, and prisons, and hospitals and, well, no, not schools, of course; but, that would surely help everyone!

To learn how you can partner with us in this exciting ministry, just send any amount to Sendmethemoney Ministries, Metoo Blvd, Washington, D.C.