Thursday, May 22, 2014

This is the day

"This is the day the Lord hath made.  I will rejoice and be glad in it."

Most believers are very familiar with this scripture, if only as a Sunday School chorus; but, how many of us can consistently make the deliberate choice that's revealed there?  What are we really talking about?

The first statement should contribute to the second.  The Creator, in His infinite wisdom and mercy, has decreed that there will be, in fact, another day, and here it is!  Another opportunity for good or evil in the life of every earthling, except, of course, those who will die today, and it's the same for them right up 'til the "last minute."  For the believer in His amazing plan, this is, indeed, encouraging; but, we can become so overwhelmed or tried that we have ceased looking forward to new days.  That's depression, and we stumble into it just like the zombies if we're not careful.

Daily I see "positive affirmations" and "motivational helps" and other forms of "encouragement" posted by and from the countless faithless fleshly lost intended to give folks the ammunition to fight on.  And fight on, they do, without any Plan other than their own, nor any Guidance than other lost souls.  How do they do it?  Why?

The verse we began with tells us the miracle of "ordinary, daily life" has been repeated again!  The Hope we have been taught and promised should help us speak the next affirmation with deliberate ferocity, if need be, to confirm our resolve to actively "rejoice."   I will rejoice.

Now, let's not just trolley over that word--let's think about this term we have heard so many times.

Does not the "re" prefix indicate doing something again?  Does not the second syllable sound like its root might be "joy"?  (How can I re-joice, if I've never joiced?  And, what does Joyce have to say about this?)

I can only speak for myself, here; but, my personal experiences of salvation, deliverance, and healings was each accompanied by intense joy.  Relief and hope and eternal reassurance has flooded through me every time the Lord has moved.  That's what I must learn to recapture during the "other" times, when not much seems to be going "my" way or my prayers regarding something have not yet been fruitful.  There's no shame in needing to do this. The exhortation to rejoice is so frequent in the Word, I think we can assume it's something even kings have to remember to do.

We are told, on at least one occasion, to "comfort one another with these words."  I think that applies to The Word as a whole and in part.  Take and eat of the Bread of Life twice daily, at least, and The Comforter will rise like the sun in your heart and empower you to execute this decision.

In the Marines they would often make some announcement regarding upcoming activities and close with the admonition, "You will enjoy it!" indicating that it was not an option.  Let's emulate the Psalmist, and voluntarily decide.

This is the day that the Lord has made!  I will rejoice, so the light He has given me can be seen by those in darkness, and so His power can flow through me unimpeded.  I will.

Will you?

En-JOY some Blimey Cow!