Thursday, November 6, 2014

Why are so many "Christians" trying to "draw near" to God?

A new young friend of mine online speaks, in his vlog, of "jumping" toward God--trying to "push in" harder.

Try not jumping in.  It implies He's outside.  
Try standing under/under-standing that He is, actually, literally, inside you.  
He has been there since you asked Him to “come into your heart.”  

“If any man open the door…”  
What door?  The door to the core of you, your heart, your soul, the source of your will, desires, emotions.  It's the thing He gave you at your invention, a separate identity all your own.  
He came in, and your job is to make room for Him.  
“I must decrease, so that He may increase.”

We are made in His image.  
“God is a spirit.”   So are you. 

He imbued a spirit with its own soul, and, at the moment of conception, downloaded this "identity" into a new cell with a never-before-seen, unique genetic code He had in mind. 

The original interface between us and The Creator was blocked by sin.
When we repent, and are forgiven, and we ask Him to be our Lord, Scripture tells us His Spirit enters us with the intent of becoming one with ours. 
This begins to actually change our motives so we can begin the transformation into a child of His, dwelling and prospering in a greater, eternal Kingdom, of which all this world is just a shadow.  (Even physicists have begun to suspect that is the case.)

Yes, there is often a "baptism" experience of feeling drenched in The Spirit; but, that is a sign of the Anointing.  The real Anointing is within and ongoing, and grows as the process of sanctification continues.

Yet we have stood among sincere folks who love the Lord as they sang songs indicating they hoped He would "draw near" or "meet them here."
Didn't we each bring our share of Him with us?  Is He waiting in the car?

You do know that building isn't really the house of God, don't you?

"Where two or more are gathered, He is in our midst" because He emerges from us as we worship and that is our "fellow-ship."
He doesn't have to fill the building with an external sign of His presence, because we are each a temple--a dwelling not made by hands--meant to be joined to others to form one new man, the actual embodiment (our spiritually linked bodies) of The Prince of Peace.

"I will come in to him, and dwell with Him, and he with me."
Do you believe this?
"I will never leave you, nor forsake you."
Do you believe this?

Is the Holy Spirit the elephant in your inner room?
Stop yelling out the window for Him and look around in there.  
He may be sitting quietly in a corner, waiting to be offered some hospitality--
some acknowledgment He exists.

See what you can do to make Him more "at home" so He can do His thing in you.

As the bumper sticker said, "If you don't feel close to God, guess who moved."