Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Bible

is like a puzzle disassembled and put back in the box sorted by color.  As good a way as any, one might say; but until the correct relationships of the sections begin to be seen, it can be hard to even imagine the overall picture.

You carefully separate the puzzle’s pieces to put them away for someone else’s enjoyment and a few fall to the floor.  Picking them up, you realize they fit together in a way you had not seen, revealing a new part of the picture!

After a while, all the pieces fit with all the others, producing limitless new pictures.  Not different pictures…new ones with the same subject.

I now see 66 books, by 40-plus authors over a period of literally (and literately) millennia, so dove-tailed—so completely self-reinforcing, it could only have been produced by Someone with an overview of ages and an understanding surpassing human intelligence.

I’ve heard the critics’ voices:  “It contradicts itself.”  “It’s unscientific.”    “It’s mistranslated.”  “Men conspired to put it together.”  “It oppresses women.” …and so on.  Until I began to study it myself, I believed some of that, and, as a result, did not understand it myself.  After 42 years of careful reading and serious study of this amazing collection of books, I know all those to be the false claims chanted by those who are afraid of even the idea of God.

I often encounter folks who get very upset at the mention of the Bible, and begin to shout these things they have heard.  It’s impossible to discuss any book intelligently with someone who has never read it.

Non-readers will grasp any straw, from the simple-minded by-faith imaginings of evolutionists to science fiction scenarios about aliens from other worlds.  They would rather believe anything than the possibility that a loving Creator gave these writings to us.

If you are a believer, and not immersed in this wonderful document, you are neglecting the most important thing in a believer’s walk: understanding.

What you thought you found when you first tried the puzzle is just the beginning of possibilities.  It is a written work so perfect, profound and intricate that it will last you at least a lifetime, providing its kaleidoscope of insights and beautiful views.

No longer a puzzle to me, it is ever a wonder.  What a great gift idea!

(Here’s a video that should help you to at least begin to trust the translations.)